Registration Fees:

                             *GST included with the amount


  • If the final manuscript in Springer format exceeds 12 pages, Rs. 1000 or USD 50 will be charged for each extra page.
  • In case of students, valid proof is needed at the registration.
  • If the author (only academia/professionals) is registered as the paper presenter in the conference, he/she can present another paper by him/her at the reduced fee @50% of the original registration fee, i.e. the total registration fee will be 1.5x of the cost of registration of 1 paper. This discount is applicable only for one additional paper to be presented by the same author. Basically a candidate is charged according to (1+0.5n)X where n is the number of papers submitted by him/her and X is the respective category registration fee.
  • All heads are non-refundable.